We Tested Ballekes, The New HotSpot For Meatballs in Saint-Gilles

By Trends Shaker on Apr 19, 2016desktop_ballekes-cover

You said Meatballs? We tried out Ballekes, the new balsy place in Saint-Gilles.

If you are looking for a typical Belgian place to eat, Ballekes is the place to go to! This restaurant just opened over a week ago in Saint Gilles, and as you may guess by the name, serves delicious Belgian meatballs.

At the head of this oh so Belgian cuisine are Florence and Thibault, two meatball lovers who are real meatball experts. The recipes they use have been passed down to them by their grandma’s and their goal is to perpetuate the tradition with local ingredients.

We had the pleasure to test their menu and it was exquisite. We got to choose what kind of meat we wanted (pork/beef, chicken or veggie) and then added our favorite sauce ? Brusseleir, Rabbit, Marol, Trappist, Schroumpf or Kriek to the meatballs. Of course, we took fries as a side dish and dipped them is some yummy homemade mayonnaise.

It all comes served on a wooden board with each meatball in an individual cast iron pan. As for the finishing touch, everything from the table to the glasses is marked with a Ballekes stamp.


Speaking of decoration, you immediately feel that someone put their heart into it. Florence imagined it all, from the wooden benches, to the giant LED illuminated letters and even the Manneken-Pis inspired wallpaper. Light comes pouring into the restaurant through two big windows and the black and golden scheme gives a posh finishing touch to the place.

We will definitely come back to eat their delicious Ballekes again and have a taste of their other sauces.

You will find more information on their website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Address: Chaussée de Charleroi 174, 1060 Brussels

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